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Crazy limad
From some days ago, one new limad is crashing and ban with no reason. Many years here and never see this thing.
But yes, I see the same guy, doing same thing in many host. The guy do it in Mrc host, then in AMG hosts and finaly here. The guy is some psycopatic.
Start showing supossed education, and respect for rules, helping to others in precense from other limads, sucking balls for free at any one to obtain, at any moment, autohority to ban.
I reapeat, the guy do same thing in the host writed previously. (at less, this ones).
Then the guy start to show rules that your imagination produce to argue to kick/band.
Ok, the guy name is XABALES.
The guy know me from long time and wait to obtain limad authority to kick/ban me.
In the repetition that include here, him argue that is not allowed to push others, but, then that i push other guy, the crazy limad (xabales) crash me in first term, and then crash the guy that I push.
Today, the guy kick me by touch in T1, I in front, side by side, but him cross the ideal line and crash. Then kick me with no reason. I return and say that it is stupid. Then ban me.
So, I need to ask, some old limad here if this thing are standard and I should migrate to other host or you can do anything at this respect.
Minute 2:50 and 3:20
You can download the repe here: repetition 
I suspect that kicking and banning replay would suit better your case.
But from what I see (and don't take my reply as official AA statement - I'm just janitor passing by ;-)) at these 2 timestamps it's just racing incidents.
The first one was clumsy one, he wasn't far enough along you to have corner rights. On the other side you turned quite sharply into that corner cutting him off after he went for it.
As for the 2nd incident, when you check at the moment they start to brake for corner he's already way past real axle of the car ahead and IMO he's entitled to bit more space.

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
Buenos dias hombre, gracias por la report.

I know very well both of you already for a long time. Your record from the past is not the cleanest one, regarding the same accusations you now blame Xab's for. Both for track behavior and mental state. Nonetheless, let's leave past in the past and let me give you my view on this case.

The first occasion is Xab's barge pass on you after long straight. Not the nicest move, but it's ok in the heat of the battle since you had an early breakpoint there. He took the inside line and was as close to the apex as possible, leaving you the room to take the outside line. Which you didn't, therefore a contact was unavoidable. This is a racing incident, no one to really blame here. These things tend to just happen from time to time. There was no intention to crash.

The second occasion is very similar. For me, this is quite an expected turn of events given that Xab's was already in a competitive and a little bit more aggressive driving style mode. He pretty much did the exact same move on Juliao by taking the inside line. He had the right to do it since their cars were overlapped. The exception here is that Juliao did not realize that he was under attack by Xab and just kept his normal racing line in the last turn. This crash could have been easily avoided if Juliao took the outside line.

I gave Xab's limad because he was doing an exceptionally well job with helping new drivers, by sharing sets and giving basic driving tips. He is online almost every day, which I can not say for many of our members. I stand behind his decisions as he has proven to me on many occasions that his judgment of racing accidents is good. No limad will ever be perfect and everyone make mistakes. You need to look at the statistics and the bigger picture here. Xab has been helping for almost 3 months and this is the first complaint against him. We are all here to race and policing the server is just one of our quests to maintain an enjoyable experience for everyone in the server.

Near the end of the replay, there was a kick for one driver, which I know is a good racer. The replay on its own does not show any evidence and Xab was the only limad in the server at the time. The reason for the kick was not logged as if it was due to inactivity. I'm not sure if this was an automatic or a manual kick. I'm interested to see Xab's side of the story as well on all this.

My advice to you is not to change the host, you are in the right place. I will have a word with Xab privately, do not worry.
AA™| rane
"Your record from the past is not the cleanest one" My record (no times) was the better ones, but you reset all records !!!! so, nobody have good records, you includes :-).

Using front car like brake was never allowed here, but you now, call this, "litle more agresive". I can take note of this change in rules but I wait, that you remember this change and do not use two rules to same thing.

Also, pushing fron car, never was forgoted here, but "the guy" say this is forgoted and take retaliation to this strage idea.....I can search the history chat and show you, but, i think that you dont want any probe and dont care any arge, so it is ok. Only want remember you that any host where "the guy" was elevated to limad, is clean from any user.

And sure, I dont care at all this, but surely, I dont race any more here, like I do It in Mrc and AMG, Bye.
I think that by a clean record he means his memory about someone's past incidents and issues involving him, not anything that is stored in the AA database.

Please feel free to leave any evidence of anything you feel can prove the point of him being an abusive admin
You don't need to take such a dramatic stance in the situation. Incidents happen (keep in mind I haven't reviewed any of the replays so I don't support Xabales necessarily)

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