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I don't know what title to put C=
Good morning everyone

I am sorry to come to this section again, but it seems that bad intention is the order of the day.

In the first recording, we observe this (Kukko)[FIN] , slowly turning in the curves (creating dangerous situations for the other pilots), blocking the lines of the great Dynamoopel, even taking it out of the circuit.

There was also a small mishap with a boy in the minute (4) seconds (35), approximately, that maneuver makes me, the same one that made me in a previous race, but that really does not matter to me.


Now it only remains to see the second recording, where I manage to pass it, and directly hits me in 2 different situations, I leave it at your discretion.


Your LFS Username: CHV (Salven ; Jhon_A)

Offender's LFS Username: Kukko[FIN] (Kukko[FIN])

Have a nice day, and thanks for the attention

First replay:

Incident before/during the turn:
My opinion on it is its his fault. Late lunge around the outside, late move, losing control and going in the path of that guy, completely his fault.

Incident after the turn:
It seems like he lost control and suddenly got shoved to the right, it might be some well known bug for the cars, but I don't race them myself so I haven't noticed it. Anyways, I don't necessarily think that was his fault.

Overall opinion: Kukko's fault

Second replay:
Just... nothing to say.... Blatantly being salty about the overtake, didnt even try to hide it. That on it's own would be worth a solid ban, let alone his previous crash.

Overall opinion on both incidents:
Both are completely his fault and a ban is probably gonna come his way.
Thnx for reporting him. He probably drive with camera in the car so he cant spot the cars around at least not him. And he have a bad turn 3 as he use handbrake but he turn the car to much so he hits Dynamoopel. He was tryin to keep his position to much as he was blocking or moving around the track in slipstream. In the end they crashed wich I dont like Dynamoopel for acclerating to pit him. Even if he is tired for him is better to wait the next race.

Second one he drive same style so he have it all the time, I dont know if he wanted to crash u or not but he didnt brake or he late brake

He will banned for 3days.
Hi CHV, tnx for the reports. I am unable to download replays due to a popup blocker that I have. Even if I turn it off, it still keeps blocking Sad
Can you please re-upload here?
AA™| rane
Hi dude, uploaded links, if you have problems let me know.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Thank you and Have a nice day


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