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Report in Rallycross server
So... I was just racing in the RallyCross server and just saw one guy pushing another on the straight way on purpose but i didnt do nothing... Then on the next race I was having really intense fights with 1 guy but accidentaly cut him and let him win on purpose and in before the finish line the pushed guy from last race was sitting and just came on the road before the finish line and hit me...I added the replay. If u want to contact me here is my discord:ILoveBiscuits#6177. Thank you.
Hi man, welcome to our forum. Please take a look at guidelines of how to file a valid crash report. You need to post a replay and specify which lap, who was and it, describe the incident.
I saw the replay you posted on our discord. Looks like one of MRc guys stopped just before race start/finish line at the final lap, causing you and others to crash. Are you reporting him?
AA™| rane
Yes i wanted to report this guy i think i added the replay in the report im not pretty ingame nickname is ILoveBiscuits it happened in the Rally server last lap i cant see his name right now sorry.
Ok. Once you file a valid report, we will take action. I think 1-2 days ban is sufficient.
AA™| rane
OK made a new post Smile

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