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Crasher Reports (READ FIRST)
Here, you can post complaints about crashers.

To make a post here, first thing you should do is to press 2 inside the game and save the replay.

If you are somehow not in the game anymore (kicked/banned unjustly by other racers), don't worry, just go to LFS/mpr directory and than rename that temp.mpr file. Temp.mpr file holds the replay temporarily of the last race you have been into. If you enter another server and play, that temp.mpr will save this race, not the previous one.

You can upload your replay files into websites like,, and other ad-free websites.

You can check the usernames of offenders in the player list by pressing ctrl + shift.

Your posts should include the answers of following questions

Your LFS Username:
Offender's LFS Username:
Description of the incident:
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s):

Hoping that this thread will not get pages of pages of reports Smile, though all reports will be dealt with care. Good and crash-free races to all  Wink

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