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How about not banning me over one incident?
I've raced many, many times on the AA server. I have a 98% safety rating. I make one small bump into Suzuki going through the T2 chicane, back off to let him go and he then proceeds to run me off the track coming out of the chicane. Instantly votes to ban me and it gets passed by everyone.

Nothing happens to him yet he ran me off the track after a racing incident. It was very tight as I had outside position coming out of T1. I backed off to let him go but cars were in a straight line behind him. There was nowhere for me to go. I push turning left and bump into the back of him. Let off the throttle out of respect and maintain my line coming out. He runs me off into the grass and immediately starts the ban vote and calls me a liar when I told him I backed off. 

The disrespect I felt at that moment when there was an AA admin was ridiculous. Anyone who races with me knows I race very clean. I do not wreck people. I had one racing incident where things were very tight and instead of letting the race end and me apologize for the bump, I immediately get banned. I'd understand if I had a low rating or was known wrecker but man...people know me. I always show respect to everyone and for that to happen with an admin in the room...Yeah...That's not cool.

Welcome to the Air Attack forum and I apologise for your experience! Not all members are full admins, perhaps our admin or team member was AFK or busy, and you got a very fast server voteban. Unfortunately if the member is new, he does not have the ability to unban.

Vote bans last short, only 12 hours. You may rejoin the server once the 12 hrs are up, but be reminded that repeated joins before your ban expires may trigger an auto ban extension by the server itself.

If you are able to state the name of the AA or AS member in the server we can help you further. A replay would help too! If not, it is hard for any of the management here to unban without evidence. This is why votebans are quite... annoying.

Hope to see you racing again soon!

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Welcome dude!

i apologize too for your ban. Sorry for hear that.
Sometimes, in demo, the players are not fair, maybe this time was too much noobs and vote 1 without check.

The ban with normal vote was for 12h.

Sry for that.

I hope see u on tracks again soon.
AS Rocker

(Sry if i have too many mistake on eng)

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