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AS™| Demon's crash reports
intentional crash doesn't even try to brake or avoid.

Uploaded file here    as files selecting didn't work. (not accept filetype MPR)

driver name & username: kalipopenegordo disconnected (kalipo)

Server AA rallyx gti (Crash happens first corner after race start) scroll back to race start from the very end of the replay.
re; Crasher Reports (READ FIRST)

Kalipo banned 2 weeks for 1st corner killing. Thanks for your report.

From here on in Demon, please use this thread for all of your future reports. I've renamed it as such.

Copy and paste this text from the template:

Offender's LFS Username:
Description of the incident:
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s):

...and fill it out each time.
Cheers! Smile
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