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Bero - membership reaplication
Hello gents. 

Its been a sad day today while trying to enjoy some racing at rallyx server. So to try and make it better I returned here (took me a while to find the forum) and reapply for the membership. 
First of all hello to everyone who have stayed loyal to the game and are still enjoying it, and to the new people who have discovered it recently. I have played this simulator since the early beginnings of it and for a short time was a member of a AA team. (back when the earth was flat). Then I focused on other things in life and simply couldn't find the time to hang online. Now I am back online (after roughly 6 years I think) and getting back to speed, but just can't get there because of all the annoying people trying to do everything else but race. So I would like to apply for limad. I don't need the tags nor the skins, I just need some power to kick some ass when there is trouble(like Jacques did back in the days). I am not going to hang on the servers all day, I usually come for an hour or so every few days and that's it. Maybe I will get an s2 license but it all depends when the demo will stop being fun, and if the winter will be long and cold. And that's it. 

Oh yeah, and:  

Lfs account name: Bero(cro)
Racing name: Bero 
Real life name: Berislav Topol, age 27. 
Number of laps on the server: 209 (in the last week or so)
Safety rating: clean air  
Personal bests: Back in the day (gti xrg 1:33,12, rallyx xrg 1:09,04) , now I haven't tried the gti  yet but will soon. Rallyx xrg is 1:10,23 i think. (please have in mind that I am a keyboard racer)

And I will probably race thru the winter and early spring but when the weather allows for some outdoor racing I will no longer be constantly active online untill the next offseason.

That's it. Enjoy the racing and hopefully I see you on servers. 
And yeah, big shout to meddc and eq worry!
Hey Bero!

Welcome to Air Attack Air Support forum! I personally have not seen you around much at all, as I'm not really a GTi guy and definitely not a RallyX'er.

We will await comments from other members to support your application or to validate your affiliation with us in old days. Cheers!
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Hy Nova!

I haven't seen any AA members on the rallyx server, that's one of the reasons I have decided to reapply. If there is somebody who keeps things in place, the quality of the servers goes up, and the racing is better. Smile
I will try gti server soon, but I see that mostly all servers are usually empty. No fbm for me hence the fbm doesn't have abs so the driving is a bit problematic with keys.
Bit of an update, pb dropped today to 1:09,96 and safety rating went up to fresh air. 237 laps and counting.
I think you might run into presley at some point. He seems to do a bit of RallyX, but I personally haven’t seen you race. I’ll keep my eyes out on the servers Smile
Hi Bero, welcome to the new forums and thanks for the interest in joining / rejoining.

If you are having problems on our servers, it would help us a lot if you were to start a report thread where you could post replays of any troublemakers so they can be dealt with accordingly.

As for tags and skins, we kinda get into those ourselves... If you read through the pre-application information thread, you see all of the standards and requirements for members. If you're happy with those conditions and still wish to be a part of AS, then we'll start moving your application forward.
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