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Membership Application - Habby [accepted]
LFS Account name: djdarksilver
Racing name: Habby
Desired racing name including the AS tag:    AS™| Habby

Number of laps on AA servers: 1936
Your safety rating: 86,51% (86%)
Your personal best(s): 1:12.46 @ BL2  /  1:13.95 @ BL1 (FBM)

About me:

Hello all. I'm Augusto Pecile, from Argentina. I'm 16 years old at the moment, and I want to be part of the AirAttack family.
I would say that i'm pretty much an average set is not a big deal and I race at a few amount of platforms; rFactor, Asetto Corsa, F1 2014 to 2017 and LFS. Simracing's a hobby that started growing in me at the age of 6-7, when I first tried NFSU2 and later (my first "real" sim experience) rFactor. Since then, the main thing I was thinking after waking up, after school and after my basketball practices, was to get on my PC and race 'til I couldn't keep myself awake.

Away from the simracing world, I like some kinda simple things; music, coffee, drawing, bass playing, and having some good times with friends and the ones I love.
I like to put racing in a complete new paragraph. It's something that, in a way, made me what I am today. Since I was a toddler, my father or my great uncle took me to the local track on sundays, the Autódromo de Rafaela, the only tarmac oval in the country and one of the fastests circuits in America.  TC4000, TC, STC2000, Turismo Nacional, Formula Renault...every race I watched there is stuck in my mind. Seeing those cars going at full speed and then suddenly braking at the point of seeing their brake rotors look bright red before entering the chicanes made me crazy. I loved (and love) every part of it.

Some weeks ago, I made one of my lifelong dreams come true: I became a racer. I entered in the ACSF 150cc Karting championship of Santa Fe, a city near where I live. It was my first race, and, against what I expected, I finished 1st in my class. Aiming to give it all in the next rounds!!

Why do I want to be part of AA?

Mostly, because I want to know how it is being inside a team in this sim. The AirSupport program seems like a good choice for a first taste. Also, AA is my main server during online FBM races (I casually go to MRc, I'm a sinner I know) recently, so keeping it clean of dirty drivers or crashers would be nice. What i'm saying with this? That maybe the presence of more team members can make the things a little bit more calm, and, of course, kick or ban if it's necessary, but iI hope don't. 

Style and experience:

I would say that my racing style in online races is kinda conservative. Some agressive and risky driving is OK sometimes, but I prefer to do a clean race. When I notice that another overtake isn't possible, I dedicate the rest of the race on having good pace and keeping my position. As my PB's show, i'm not one of the fastests around, but i think i'm consistent. I know how to save tires and do good lap times, like low 1:13's and hig or mid 1:12's depending on my stamina or the traffic.

As a FBM driver, I think I have enough experience with the little machine. Blackwood is like my virtual home, but I manage to drive the FBM in a competitive way in tracks such as Aston Club, Westhill, South City CR, Rockingham ISSC and others...

Also, I raced in 2 races of the FOX Fridays championship. Both DNF's sadly, but I can say that I did a decent job, thinking they where my first races with the FOX. I did some BF1, FO8 and GT races too, but they weren't a big deal.

So, I think that's all. Waiting for answers! Sorry if there's some grammatical errors, english is not my main language.

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