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Bad boys
LFS Username: Daw56
Offender's LFS Username: pusibois and frankribery
Description of the incident:
- pusibois hit me hard 3 times in the track and in pitstop again.
- frankribery supported him and filled the screen with messages.

Replay / Screenshot link:

Replay timestamp(s): 00 to 3:30

I hope admins take appropriate measures, i believe that such people should never more connect to AA servers, they are not drivers, are ...........
yeah. i have sometimes seen pusipoi there, and im not happy with... ! If i remember right , i have banned him on the "racing" . Sure the admins will ..

You're welcomed. ;-)

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
I remember him and I believe I banned him as well Big Grin

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