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Rallycross Acc bok61
Good afternoon, I do not like to report, but with this quarantine, a lot of troll is entering the rallyx server, This pilot, does not respect the box exit, nor the blue flag, and apart from that, tries to hit the pilots who are going in the head. greetings and thanks.
Account: bok61
To me it looks like an honest mistake and not anything intentional. If i was in the server at the time, I would probably just warn them in chat but lets hear what other AA members have to say.
look the 2 last gyazo haha Wink thanks
Oh I didn't see those links, I thought they were in your bio or something. Well yeah, it most certainly looks more suspicious now
looks like another troll need a break from rallyx, thanks for the report valentin.
thank you! Smile
yes ill have raced too bl1 rally, its been an rallycrashing every time i joined. It take atleast for half hours to make it an driweable server. Hope others admins look the server too) Yesterday i did worn 2 crashers, but they didnt understand , so ill make 2 days ban.

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