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rallycross crasher
This guy does not respect the rules, he is thought to be in a derbydemolition,
Account, TUTA00
Hello and thank you for the report by the looks of the gif you sent I can see he intentionally aimed in your direction no with care for the outcome. I'll go ahead and add a ban to his account.

Thanks again for the report.
Yes, thank you Demon , it was not necessary for me to go up more, but you yourself have seen how he drives, he threw me out several times
I'm no rallyx driver but I agree that it looked really intentional. Happy that you managed to avoid it and sorry for the experience.
This boy came to mrc to apologize for what happened, and has been running cleanly all day, could you raise the ban? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience Smile Smile Smile
How long is the ban?
I just give him 1 week and see if he learns from this, I have a feeling this is alt of another guy.
nono, I am valentinorossithedoctor, haha ​​you can send me a private to mrc, but the boy behaved well during the day and apologized, for that I thought to forgive him, but wait for those 7 days without problemsWink

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