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#Report N°2 Bye AntonR
Your LFS Username: gabii wavee (AS™| AntonR)
Offender's LFS Username: pablojuanflme (JPCracing)
Description of the incident: Basically this player doesn't respect players and is not clean in his lines either, locking people up and attacking in corners where he doesn't have a chance.
Replay / Screenshot link:
Link of replay in mediafire
Replay timestamp(s):
2:19:00: He doesn't respect the line with the other player.
3:38:00 He doesn't respect the line with the other player.
4:49:00 He doesn't respect the line with the other player.
5:03:00 Attempted overtaking not allowed.
5 days ban issued
I think I have seen this same driver drive like this before.

Don't quote me on that though.
Hi AntonR and thank you for the report.

Most of the situations in this replay are ok. I only see one problematic case, when he pushed you deliberately in the last turn of lap 3 because you passed him. Given that his behavior prior was good, I would issue a drive-through penalty. This guy was not a deliberate crasher. A 5-day ban is definitely too hard punishment, but I will respect delta's decision and let the offender serve the full penalty.
AA™| rane
At 2:24 he brake checks STERN, at 3:40 he pits STERN, and then the forcefull pass on AntonR, these is why the 5 days ban, if it wasn't for the pit manouver he would recieve 2 days.
Hello, thank you very much for responding, and for raising charges about the situation, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience !
Nothing to be sorry about. These reports are very good opportunities to train our members on how to deal with different difficult racing situations. As in anywhere esle, one can be more or less strict. It is good to have members with different strictness. Good cop bad cop, always works Smile
AA™| rane

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