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Blue Flag
Your LFS Username: [AT] CHV (at.chv)
Offender's LFS Username: Incel (way_too_slow)
Description of the incident: The racer does not respect the blue flag, multiple incoveniences and incidents.
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s): Start min 3:36

Thank you, have a good day.
Hi dude, tnx for the report.

Incel is a known racer on our servers. He doesn't have the cleanest records, but he isn't an intentional crasher either. This was definitely his fault, he was not respecting the blue flag and causing a slight crash with the leaders. Luckily, both leaders managed to pass relatively unharmed. This time, I will only issue a 1-day ban as a caution, but if he continues with such stunts a more strict punishment will be applied.

LFS username way_too_slow is banned for 24h due to not respecting a blue flag and causing potentially harmful contact with the leaders.
AA™| rane

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