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S2 Xmas event 2019 - discussion
Hi guys,

We now have up and running an S3 server with 15 player connections. With Christmas coming soon, as many have already suggested we will organize an event. Post your ideas here, about date/time, race format, car/track combo and so on.

My idea is something like:  2x20min races, with 1 lap qual, XFR+UFR, probably open track configuration like FE or AS, something short, one race in the normal direction, other in reverse. I'm not sure about dates, either this week or next year, like 2 or 3. jan, but I would like before the new year. What do you think?
AA™| rane
Sounds good.
From my side I suggest to put a spice of rallycross in it. FE6 with something not too fast UF1 or even better - LXG. LX4 is pretty fun once it does not want to spin you around every corner Big Grin

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