Poll: Reset stats for 2020?
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Yes please.
5 83.33%
Nooo, I like my fake times!
0 0%
I really don't care...
1 16.67%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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Stats reset
Let's begin the new year with a nice clean slate.
This should have been done after new track released but somehow none bothered.

Take for reference !avg result for xrg at bl3

[Image: kGPq0zj.jpg]

current WR is 1.8.67 so to beat the 1st you'd have to do 3 consecutive WR times in one race.
Same goes for !sb result:

[Image: Qp2nVK0.jpg]

These times aren't representative since long time ago.
What do you think?

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
New year, new server maybe Smile . We can reset the stats and !champ too
Reset is in order imo,

As they are, they are indicative of nothing that can be achieved with current track, therefore helpful in 0 ways. As much as i like the trips down memory lane , and see the names of ppl that 200% will never come back to lfs and used to fill the server back in the 60's , ---- forward is the way ----> , Reset when possible !

Great times tho =)

I agree, we can reset all stats in the new year. Joruss, how to exactly do this in airio?
AA™| rane
(12-21-2019, 11:24 AM)rane_nbg Wrote: I agree, we can reset all stats in the new year. Joruss, how to exactly do this in airio?

!remove [car|*] [track|*]
This command removes all stats for certain tracks and/or cars. It allows you to delete e.g. all data for FBM on BL1, or all data for FBM on all tracks (denoted by *), or all cars (also specified as *) on BL1, and also all cars on all tracks. It is clear this command is very dangerous and must be used with extreme caution. It is reversible only by stopping Airio, rewriting STA files from latest backup and starting Airio again.

!remove – deletes all gathered stats on your current track and your current car.
!remove * FE6 – deletes stored statistics for all cars on FE6.
!remove RB4 * – deletes all peoples' RB4 stats on all tracks.
!remove * * – erases all stored PB data, the Airio.sta.cr.txt file with car-level data (split/sector times) will be empty.
!remove BL1 * – ERROR, 1st parameter must be car code.

if you feel BL1 stats are still relevant we can spare them and just remove BL2/BL3 stats

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
Nice, tnx man.
AA™| rane
I agree, those old stats are impossible to do these days, they are nothing more than a reminder of how fast everyone was
I voted yes. Resetting is right to do imo.
Why run old stats on a new track config?

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