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Hi guys, and Merry Christmas.
Long time, but I'm still here. Smile
Just wanted to say that my safety rating is bad.. and dropping. I think you know that I hold safety rating to a high standard.
I have a theory that because my latency is so bad Airio might have troubles..tracking me.
I even get speced with the message "you must race or you will be spectated""while I'm racing on track.. so I think
The latency is to blame.
I will get a better connection shortly, so the problem will hopefully be solved.
I hope you all are good, and hopefully I will soon be able to rave with you again.
(hmm.. interesting spelling mistake. Think I'll let it pass) Smile

H. Baker
Hi Lars, cool that you are still here Smile
Merry Christmas to you too. The thing about rating in our servers is that each day it decreases by 0.1 and if you do not play for a long time it explains the low values you might see. The same goes for the licence, or the !avg, it also drops by a small amount each day. This was introduced to keep the drivers motivated for maintaining their ratings.
AA™| rane
Aha.. I understand. Thx for info.
Just got my new mobile broadband router in door.
Soon connecting(first a few beers and a "cigar").
Really hope it will work out so I can come on populated servers again.

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