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Christmas event
As Christmas is ever so close and there are no competitions during the holidays, we come with an idea. A Christmas event! We could make a demolition grand prix and the survivor of the grand prix wins (as seven suggested). We could make it into a 3 race league or something because I think it will be a more casual league compared to for example GTi Thursday. Leave your suggestions here on if you think it will be a good idea and feel free to suggest ideas.
Count me in.
You think demo or s1/2/3 ?

Voice of paranoia in your home.
[Image: ifdxjsM.png]
Possibly s1 but maybe the demolition event could be demo
Open wheelers often have trouble with hitboxes and are too fragile, so it would seem reasonable the limit to be to road cars.
Yeah, GTR cars and whatever, just not open wheelers or suspension will die in turn 1
Just had the idea of a game we could do around Christmas. A cone hidden somewhere on the map and the goal is for other drivers to find it.
I'm up for it. But, there is one tiny problem, we have 6 demo servers and 0 S1/S2/S3 servers.
AA™| rane
I think we could sacrifice GTi BL2 Big Grin
Being experienced in map exploration (out of bounds) you can count on me if you need someone to hide the cone.
Or we can sacrifice the race event server
If we would like to keep the current price/year for our servers, we would need to sacrifice 2 demo servers for one S2 server. I did propose this very early when I became the team leader, but there was no interest in that from others. I think that now will be a super tight squeeze to complete negotiation with rack service and manage the airio on S2 server. I can ask and see how that will go. If there are any volunteers for setting up and managing the S2 server airio let me know.
AA™| rane

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