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The most offensive sentence in the world
Today, while driving in the Blackwood GTi server, I noticed that the server has successfully managed to detect the most horribly offensive sentence in the world and warn the player for it.

In all seriousness, can someone tell me why the system decided that it was offensive?

Ok, so update on the situation. I think i found out why it does it lol
I'll forward that to Rane although I'm not sure if that's fixable lol
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No actions needed here, twat is not allowed word.
AA™| rane
Yeah I know but maybe there should be an exception for when the word "got" is used it minds the fact that there is a space after it
Unfortunately, we can not make such an exception due to its extreme complexity. There is already a smart filter that checks if someone wants to try to avoid it by adding spaces or some characters in between.
AA™| rane
I don't really know how it works and if its Airio filter but yeah i imagine that the sentence like that would probably not be used so often that it's a necessary exception

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