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To AA| Rane
Hi Rane,
as you remember, several days ago you've invited me, [Apexi]Cossie, to join your team as I'm actually looking for one since I'm lone wolf with my LFS name from 10+ years ago. I've registered on your forum the same day and was gathering info about your team.

Today, in short:
Joined your server. One of the 5 lap races vas almost over so I started with the next one.
LAP 2, I'm 3rd or 4th, AA Jacques fighting with someone in front, takes a bad line on T1, looks like  not in control, I triple braked to avoid contact and when I noticed a space on inner lane I started passing him since I was on higher speed, he bumped to me like with no mirrors  and flied slightly to grass. Just a race situation nothing new there, would say you can call none at blame on both drivers. Race goes on, I'm trying to kill seconds I lost back there, LAP 4 rushing to same T1 braking early, just suddenly somethings wrong either with the mouse, or batteries and I see that I just won't stop there in time so I immediately clicked ctrl+s just to avoid crashing anyone, and I didn't crash. 2 seconds later, some weirdo named AS Berdy kicked me of the server. Without asking anything, most likely without knowing my past experience or anything about me. Right after I joined back I tried to explain the situation and Mr. xabales tried to assure everyone else  that I'm a fair and safe player, this another weirdo  banned me right away, yes, this another weirdo is Jacques from your team.

I have never been kicked of or banned from any of the LFS servers during the past year since I'm back to LFS. I'm not sure if your team has some mental problems, or they don't recognize their fault, or race situations, or don't respect other players except their ego, or perhaps simply doesn't even want to bother with that, but that's not how it should work. It's OK with 12 hours ban, I don't plan to play anymore today, nor tomorrow nor the day after, as I have plans for weekend, but looking to the future, I'm not sure if it's worth to join the team when there's such (trust me, I'm not afraid saying this) idiots on team. IF you have inner problems, solve this between yourselves, do not engage yourselves on other drivers. Maybe he had a bad day maybe not, maybe he has mental illness maybe not, but that's not how other players, even possible new team members should be treated.

Jacques, if you're reading this, honestly, go see a doctor.

Bardy, if you reading this, I hope you watched replay on that 4th lap T1 and you see there we're none acceleration and brake disappeared once i hit 2nd gear so I immediately went to spectate, so yeah, honestly, go f**k yourself with that attitude alright? You deserve to read this.

I don't have a replay, didn't even bother to save it, I'm a man of my words and I don't need it, if I would be a crasher I would not spend my time posting this sh*t here.
Wish you all a good races, zero contacts, perfect laps, especially you mister Jacques and the least I'm expecting is the hardest thing to do for someone, a public sorry from Jacques would be a nice thing to start over and perhaps planning things to near future.

P.S. I'm posting this with a refer to you Rane, because as long as I remember we always had nice laps, nice races with or without contact and it always used to be fun as after-all we're here for the game, for fun, for making new connections, for goods & bads and it's not a place to ban one or whine about a contact in the race. Hope you'll make some inner team training how to represent your team online in public. Wish you all the best of luck.

[Image: idiot.jpg]
I kicked you due to dangerous driving the entire race. You crashed out Jacques and then you almost slammed another car by not braking. I initially thought you hit the car in front too, but it appears that you didn't. I admit that the kick wasn't necessary considering you didn't touch a car in that occasion but it was still highly dangerous. I didn't ban you so I am clueless as to why you were banned but my guess was your behavior after the kick. I've never seen someone react so toxicly to a kick. The fact your mouse or whatever ran out of batteries and made braking impossible doesn't change the fact it was dangerous and it's only getting proven it's a fact due to the toxic behavior in this post too. I hope someone higher up in AS/AA can follow up on the situation.
At least we have a confirmation that I took all responsibility to avoid crashing at T1 due to hardware failure. As mentioned earlier, I'm a fair diver, I don't see any reason to crash one or move all out of the road to finish 1st like other drivers do. Like I said, it's a game, it must be fun, we have to make new connections and get to know better each one.
And when you decide to kick one just because you "think" there was something, that's what you get, that's a perfect example how to piss one of for nothing.

Berdy, I believe we will have more fun races in the future and from now on I hope I won't experience any kicks from your side.
5 minutes before that we had issues with someone intentionally crashing out people and I, if i have to be honest, haven't seen you on GTi but I'm fairly new on GTi myself so I didn't really know how you drive and if you are fair. Sorry for the quick decision to kick you for it and I apologized after I entered the server without realizing Jacques banned you. If you want more information as to why you were banned, you have to check up with him.
So, why you got a ban from me.

Replay, 2nd lap in chicane:
Incident is incident, even through watching replay before banning you it is quite clear you did not try to avoid pushing my rear corner.

The discussion that happened with Berdy was enough:
Oct 12 19:13:50 [Apexi]Cossie : ^LAS™| Berdy - wash your head ok
Oct 12 19:14:00 AS™^v Berdy : ^Lthat was one hell of a divebomb from what i saw
Oct 12 19:14:07 [Apexi]Cossie : ^LAS™| Berdy - absolute a**hole, what you saw hmmm?
Oct 12 19:14:13 [Apexi]Cossie : ^Lsaw how my batteries died on brakes?
Oct 12 19:14:16 AS™^v Berdy : ^Lok lemme check out the replay again then
Oct 12 19:14:19 [Apexi]Cossie : ^Lwhy did I ctrl+s

Oct 12 19:14:33 AA™^v Jacques : ^L[Apexi]Cossie - like you pushed my corner on chicane, bye
Oct 12 19:14:35 AA™^v Jacques^L voted to ban [Apexi]Cossie^L (TB_^L) [1/8] (press 1)

Aggressive attitude, zero accountability for your own actions and this post here for one kick and one half day ban = you´re describing yourself as easy-going, fun loving and being a fair driver.
Oh man Sad

I feel so bad for having to read this and that something like this happened to you Cossi. Since I was not there personally and no Berdy or Jacques contacted me for this, I have to judge from all evidence provided here. I'm afraid that I will take their side. Berdy is a new member and a kick is harmless, nonetheless, I think he did well. On the other hand, Jacques is our very experienced member who joined AA just a little after me, so that's about 8 years and I certainly trust in his admin capabilities. He proved good judgment many times over the years and we never had any problems there.

It seems to me that you had a kick as a warning. Be it for hardware failure, a mistake, bad day, doesn't really matter, we all do some fishy moves from time to time, no big deal. The ban was definitely due to very bad behaviour and rude comments that followed after the kick. I do understand that you were pissed off for being kicked for what seemed to you without any reason. After all, anyone would. The mistake you did is spreading toxic and insulting our admins, which we certainly do not allow.

You are a great driver, I quite enjoy racing with you and would really like you in our team. Please do not let this "small" incident move you away from AA. It is a group of good racers and people. You do need to take a deep breath and just cool it off next time. Take into account that our members have quite a difficult task to keep the server in order. After all, you will see it for yourself if you join us. Let's all just chillax.

See you on the track dude.
AA™| rane
Hi Cossie,

Thank you for reaching out to us here at Air Attack and I apologise for your poor experience on our servers.

I was there racing with you and my team mates and although your verbal conduct was slightly off, I did not personally see anything wrong with your driving, apart from incidental contact. As I am not a magic worker I am not able to actually view your batteries but I will give you the benefit of doubt - taking into consideration that you spectated before any accident into Turn 1, which a crasher would not do.

I have raced with you a few times and even though I am inclined to side on my team and team mates, I personally do not feel the ban was warranted, however, each member has rights to admin actions and I believe Jacques would have his own belief and reasoning for your ban.

Any way, your ban has since expired and you are welcome back to race with us on the server. We look forward to see you again Smile
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