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To investigate
#1 =  Minutes (1:20 ; 2:15 ; 3:45 ; 5:23 Look to the end of the line) = Minutes ( 2:40 ) = Minutes ( 4:43 until we enter the main)
He is the famous "Parincho!", Yesterday firestart expelled him from the server, today again actions with bad intentions. You have this new account because yesterday by vote we banned the other.
I don't know, I listen to your opinions, if you see the full races you always respect it

User = Tiroloco
Just ban him... I was just racing on our server under incognito nickname... he tried to crash me and just failed to do it... then started to blame me Big Grin
what if he was zeus under a hidden nickname trying to bait you knowing that you were trying to be a sneaky boy. Really makes you think... /s
What if it was me? Smile
AA™| rane
Which it wasn't.
AA™| rane
I hesitated for a moment rane, but no, the ping does not correspond to your account :P

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