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Speedhack Easts1id3r
Your LFS Username: Cerdos
Offender's LFS Username:  Easts1id3r
Description of the incident: He's not really taking advantage of it since he's using it on the last corner before reaching the finish line at the last lap of the race. But well, this was now, who knows if he uses it in other moment... He and CHV said he had nothing and that was stupid reporting, but honestly I think he has since you can see how he's going normal then the RPM bar starts to jump as he gains speed. (I have seen this same way to gain speed on other players using FBM) I saw him doing that the 2 races I saw him racing them
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s):In the end of the replay, before finishing the race.

Not hacking. He is running out of fuel at the end of the race, he propably has 0.0x% or 0.1% fuel left, and the server thinks he's already out of fuel, making his car jump like that.

Looks like an old cheat, but is just a bug.

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