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Driving evaluation (RT)
Hello, good day to everyone.

A few days ago I come seeing schedules in which it is impossible to run. 
Many rookie people, but I don't think that's the problem, when there is respect there are no incidents.
The problem comes with ill-intentioned people, or with little mental capacity, to understand and respect the line of another pilot.
And if we have that evaluation on the server, what is it for? If ill-intentioned people can run the same, without problems, bothering those who want to practice and keep learning.
Would there be any possibility of prohibiting entry to the track with a certain level of RT?
I do not think that having a RT% 40 is someone with good intention, I do not know if it would be possible, but I think it is a healthy option for the server.
I read your opinions Smile
CHV (Jhon_A  ; Salven)
Hi CHV, every new player that is joining the server for the first time gets the default value of safety (!rt) of 45%. We can not just filter off (prevent from joining) anyone that has safety lower than some threshold value. Our servers are meant for exactly those new racers, that are first time encountering the game and online gameplay. The purpose of safety is to give our admins more insights about potential problematic racers or crashers with bad intentions. Those are very easily eliminated from the server by voting anyway.

What you can do is to save a replay and post it here so that we can apply some punish if no admins were around at the time. You can also complain about crashers at our discord channel, in order to get a faster reaction, since usually there is always some member there. He can then join the game and take necessary actions. At last, you can apply for membership and get to judge them yourself, if you're more of "if you want something done, do it yourself" kind of a guy.
AA™| rane

I thought the start of RT was 50%, that's why I gave that value, but I understand it.

I do not speak English fluently, so I never applied for membership, as you will see the translator use, and I saw that to be part of the team is a requirement.

I will try to use discord! I did not know that there could be reported, I thought it was only for the forum, and the truth, save and upload repetitions of all races bores me ahah.

Thanks for the reply, have a nice day.
Some servers start your rt higher depending on your experience in the game, not sure about ours though.

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