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Memebership Application - SpeedBoy [in progress]
LFS Account name: tftf
Racing name: SpeedBoy
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™|SPEEDBOY
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server: i attached a photo of my stats 
Number of laps on AA servers: 207 Lap
Your safety rating:  Rating: 73.98% (1142/7583) [299] Moderate Air (+1.02/-3.98%)
Your personal best(s): 1:35:74 XFG BL1
Hi dude, welcome to our forums and thank you for your application.

I do not see any attached images, please reupload. At first glance your stats are ok, but we would like to see more laps. Tell us more about you and your motivation why do you want to join our team. What expectations as a member do you have? Did you have any previous experiences of being admin? not necessarily in the lfs, can be other games as well. As we say to all applicants, it is a very good practice to have at least one AS or AA member that will back up your application. You need to specify his name. Usually, the final decision is processed within 2-3 weeks, so stay active, do more laps, feel free to update your stats at any time, get to know more of our members.

Good luck and see you on the track.
AA™| rane

.png   Stats.png (Size: 240.82 KB / Downloads: 6)

Here is it! Sorry i think the previous one was large-sized
I am planning to make DIY FFB steering wheel, I finished the pedals , H shifter  and waiting for the parts of the steering wheel to make the ffb effect now i am using JD sim wheel app which connects the phone with the pc and use it as a steering wheel
By the end of this project i should be able to start sim racing in a pro level
I joined this team hoping to improve my racing skills,have people to talk with about my passion
That's it , Thanks!!
Your stats are currently on bare minimum requirements for application, so let's say that's fine. Complete more laps and get to know more AA or AS members Smile

Well you have come to the right place because I have been developing a DIY FFB wheel based on Arduino microcontroller, for about 1.5years now. I have completed the entire electronics required for the project, so we might have a chat if you're interested to know more. Briefly, it supports 16bit FFB effects, optical encoder for 16bit steering axis, 3 10bit analog pedals or 2 10bit + 1 load cell for 16bit brake, 32 buttons (17 usable) and works in any game, no drivers needed, windows recognizes it as a game controller natively. FFB output is in the form of 2 channel, PWM+- or PWM+DIR signals with 1KHz frequency (can be adjusted up to 15KHz at the expense of PWM resolution downgrade).

Here are a few screenshots of my test electronics and control panel.

.png   wheel_control v1.65_screenshot.png (Size: 137.55 KB / Downloads: 4)

.png   windows7_game controllers_panel.png (Size: 30.89 KB / Downloads: 3)

.jpg   arduino leonardo ffb wheel_compressed.jpg (Size: 482.68 KB / Downloads: 4)
AA™| rane
Great work bro!!
I am planning to use printer encoder instead because the one you are using is a bit expensive and i ordered arduino leonardo , BTS7960 Motor Driver and 2 608-zz ball bearings and the motors from the same printer i got the encoder from
The gear set from old toys attached to the motors
In the end i should be putting all of this .....THINGS into a wooden box.
Oh i forgot the steering wheel is the old one i used in my car (the leather had fallen down btw Smile it is just steel lol )
That is it and i hope this setup last.
Tnx Smile Actually the encoder I have is quite cheap. I paid about 10eur on eBay, it has 600PPR and it's ok. Find me on AA discord channel for more details. Let's not spam this thread.
AA™| rane

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