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Membership Application - fstarter [in progress]
LFS Account name: mcmustang
Racing name: FIRESTARTER
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™|FIRESTARTER if possible but due to character may end up wiht FStarter or FS
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server:
Number of laps on AA servers: too much to remember
Your safety rating:  running in the 90s
Your personal best(s):  1:11.95 FBM BL1, 1:33.52 XRG BL2, 1:09.25 XFG BL3

Jack of all trades, master of none. You can find me mostly online on the discord server. Err well I'm on the server, on discord might aswell apply. Got questions? Ask them. P.S. Ayzer gib spec command.
+1 nice guy
Green light Smile
AS™| Kadir
Hi firestarter, thank you for your interest in our team and welcome to AA forums.

He is a cool guy, long time customer of AA servers with good stats and a good racer. I have no objections. As usual, you need at least one AA or AS member to back up your application, so you can specify a name in the following weeks as we process it. Do you have an S2/S3 license, if not do you plan to buy it, would you like to compete with us in league racing?

Good luck Smile
AA™| rane
I'm a bit lost with the whole process but based on past experience with teams I've came to this conclusion. I would be in a sort of probation period and I would need to meet AA or AS member online in order to agree on various terms and perhaps for him/her to check out my skills. If what I said is true and there is some volunteer you can check my availability on discord (username Fire Starter#9121). On the other hand let me know if I got it wrong.

Upon Swiftzz's (damn that would be hard to pronounce Big Grin) request, here's little info. 22 y/o student, first name Martin, you can check my country of origin if you look up my profile on LFSWorld. Generally I dont like disclosing too much information that is publicly available in this format, however if you really like to find out more about me we can meet in LFS, have a chat, maybe even have a lap or two.

I'm on Demo atm, honestly I've been thinking of getting license but I think I will give it more serious thought based on the update that they have announced. For now I'm staying on demo until they convince me better to get the license Big Grin Big Grin. Racing in league will depend on my availability, as long as is my free time period.
Yes, you understood it right. New member needs to go through limad ranks 0, 1 and 2 while wearing AS team tags. Then the promotion to limad3 is an official invitation to the AA team, which can take a few months. We have general timing guidelines, but it is purely individual for each member and depends on the level of involvement the member wants to have in the team.

Do not worry about that, let's first focus on what others have to say about your application.
AA™| rane

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