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Again do it again, until when? Today we were able to ban an account with the other pilots, it has more accounts, user: "rolanocturna" is another of them, it is a bit exhausting, always the same schedule.
Hello before u talk like this can u please give the timestamps of the crash and the name of the crasher. We will do action if needed but if u gonna report like this we cant do nothing

After i saw the last post i figured it out. He is a basic driver when it doesnt have cars near so the first time he crashed on straight I dont think he meant it since he turned his car left to the grass then he turned right so he dont go to the grass. Do u have more replay that I can see so i can take action? And u didnt have to hit him beacuse he a bad driver just move on and report him. If u have another replay or something against him please reply

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