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Hattori hanzo (CRASHER)

Good morning, I do not like to inform, but I get tired of this.

This person does not stop closing the lines, he pulls me out of the way and leaves me without spaces.

Just keep repeating, we do not believe the first races that have had bad intentions, I thought I did not see them in the mirror.

Given that he has MANY accounts, he does not care about the reports.

Thanks and sorry for bothering.

Name: CHV
Username: Jhon_A

(Player reports)
Name: Hattori Hanzo
Use me: Parincho!

I do not know if the recording was uploaded, I have it saved anyway, if it is not seen, I send it again.
Mpr not load,can you again upload mpr?
How should I upload it? I tried it from the LFS folder, several times, and I can not upload it, some error of mine for not knowing how to do it?

#4 try this
I swear people keep using this nickname over and over. I've encountered the same nickname over and over. I don't know whether it's the same guy but
The name is repeated because the boy does many accounts, it is Argentine, we talked to him for a moment, which was wasted, he says he has many accounts and that he does not care about the reports.

Here I leave you the repetition, thanks for the help Kadir!

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