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Banned by jealous and salty players
LFS username : vanessa123

Server : [AA] Blackwood GTi
Time : 18/06/2019 23:15 UTC


Today, I got collectively banned by a few players who called me a cheater and a hacker. They called me a loser, cunt, bitch, hacker, cheater... you name it. I always asked them to follow up with proof of the so oBviOuS cheats I was presumably using, they naturally failed to do so. It's insane if you think about it, actually. Just because someone happens to be a better player than these cocky and obnoxious losers, it has to be because of some uLtRa laME gRiP mOd.

I've had this account for a while but rarely used it as proof of the low lap count. I lost access to my main account recently and remembered that I had a back-up account, which I, then, started to use. This week, I've been practicing offline and once I was satisfied with my pace, I went online for some casual races.

The thing is I'm pretty good at the game because I've been a long time player (since 2013), I mostly spend my time hot-lapping offline competing with my brother because I didn't have a stable connection at the time and the habit stuck even years later, and the appalling lack of players recently further repelled me away from joining online races.

I had a solid pace in my opinion. I did hit low 1:33.40's in XFG and 1:33.00's in XRG during the races, which is presumably faster than 99.9% of players, but it's still so far away from the current WRs that I don't understand their allegations at all. The regulars on the server never saw me race before, and they suspected me cheating and were 100% sure I was! It's ridiculous. You know what they say; "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence". I think this quote is very true here.

I don't get what could warrant the ban. I raced cleanly, I was driving as good as I could, which is still slower than I used to be, and minded my business. Yet, I got banned by a mob of butthurt losers with no better thing to do than pick on me. I truly wonder what those losers would come up with if I was going at my top speed (~1:32.8x in XR & ~1:33.2x in XF)... Yes, those numbers aren't impossible, you can ask any top players if you don't believe me. Take my word for it. If you need better proof, I can definitely prove I'm legit by uploading replays to LFS World driven on race setup (Short gears & Road normal tires).

Anyways, we all agree that replays are the only objective truth there is and I've saved a few that showcase quite the conversations that took place as well as my race pace. I'm a strong advocate of "Innocent until proven guilty". I'm not much of a fan of accusing good players without any solid proof. If you're faster than me, I'd ask you for advice, not call you a cheater unless it's blatantly apparent.

I know this whole situation could've completely been avoided if I had a high enough rating to circumvent any vote ban abuse, but as I've said earlier, I've just recently started using this account. Now, I really wonder if it's because of my name or it is my speed... I'll let you be the judges.

MPR Link :!1HpSRSDb!PwbPtEgQJmKf3dbOTB-RaQ
For the moment, I have removed you from the banlist, since from what I saw from those replays, they didn't look like hacking to me. However, it being voteban, I am not sure if this will let you join the server or not. It is only 12 hours though.

However, I've been inactive for ages so I don't really know what is currently possible with GTI cars nowadays.

I don't feel like the language used by Suzuki was acceptable, but since I am not really that in touch with the GTI community nowadays, I don't know how he should be handled, so I am leaving the rest for the admins that are more active than me currently.
Hey Vanessa,
we or I know you're not a cheater.
The vote is only a 12 or 24 hours ban.

I'm at work, but I'll take a close look at your report later.

I'm sure, rane will check too Smile

don't worry, see you later in the run Wink

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