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Hattori: Deliberate crash of a competitor
Me again.

Got crashed out of the lead by a guy who drives as if he is being desperate for winning at all costs. Being a full second off the pace of competitors around him, he has obviously figured, wrecking people is his only option.

Time: 1:15
Participants: Sainted, Hattori Hanzo

Description: chasing Hattori down through the corners, I force him into aggresively protecting his position by getting on the inside coming into second-to-last corner. Through inexperience, and thus not knowing how to take the corner, he is slow, and I put a textbook overtake on the outside. Coming into the last corner I am slightly ahead, and complete the pass half-way through the turn. Hattori applies a crossover, pulls up alongside, and immediately turns his wheel to the right in an obvious attempt to either crash me altogether, or at the very least, push me onto the grass. I manage to hold my car straight and emerge in the lead.

Coming into T1 I am around 2 car lengths ahead, and brake where I usually do, convinced that I cannot be outbraked into the corner. Hattori brakes very late, clearly about to crash into me, and then instead of turning away from the inevitable crash, presses the gas pedal and takes me out.

All of the above can be confirmed by reviewing Hattori's steering and pedal inputs.

I am quite sure that the admins will happily issue a 12-hour ban, which will remain unnoticed. However, I am calling for a review of this penalty system, and issue Hattori with a ban that will actually register, like a week, or maybe even a month. While being sceptical that such attitude can be cured with any ban at all, I think it can at least send him a signal.
Voyager's Big Speaker.
Hi Sainted, tnx for the report.

This was actually a very nice example of close racing. You were passing each other all the time from the beginning of the race. I do not see any issue here except for T1, but more on that latter. The last turn was ok, he was steering into you but not with the intention to crash. He was using countersteer as safety not to spin his car after the contact you guys had at the exit of the last turn. Either that, or he is a professional subtle intentional crasher, which I do not think he is. He is on our servers for a long time with no issues.

Now about T1, he did break late and did not try to steer away from you when it was obvious that contact will occur. This is a difficult one and he definitely deserves some kind of penalty. If this was his only offence, I'd just give him drive through or 30sec penalty. The problem is, I do not know what was his racing like before or after this incident. For a ban, I would take that into account as well in the event that there were issues with him. If no issues then just a penalty is fine. If he repeated this a couple more times, then ban of about 2-3 days would be enough.

Conclusion: not guilty for a ban, due to not strong enough or lack of evidence. If you can find more cases like this with him, I'll revise report with the possibility of a retroactive 2-3 day ban.
AA™| rane
For what it's worth I saw The Monkys aka Hattori Honzo, parincho do some questionable contacts numerous times. Usually revenge crashing.
Sadly this isn't the first report where Monkys' disregard for driving ettiquette has come to light. He quite clearly isn't learning from previous bans for unsportsmanlike behaviour.
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