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Membership Application - zeqe86 [accepted]
Hi there,
I've been playing the game demo for more than 7/8 years, maybe more time. I couldnt remember.
Some stats, like pb was from few years layout, now its impossible for me get 1.33.3x. Ussualy do 1.34.0/1.33.9. I race with keyboard.

My name is Ezequiel (my nickname is LMRocker86). LM was my team "lentos y mancos".I am 32 years old and comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Im studying eng, maybe, in some cases my expressions are not exact. Pls let me know when that happends.

i don't have access to S2 

LFS Account name: zeqe86
Racing name: LMROCKER86
Raced:  29.05.2019   Laps: 1574 (130/3409)
Ranks: Air silver

Number of laps on AA servers: 1044

Safety Rating: 99.25%
PB: 1.33.90 
TPB: 1.33.78 

please, if any information is missing, I am at your disposal

See you soon,
Have fun

Hi Ezequiel, thank you for your application and interest in our team.

I know you from ages ago, even before I joined AA about 2011-2012. Very good (keyboard) racer, funny joker and a cool guy. Would be a good addition to our team, so a green light from me. As you may know, the processing time is 2-3 weeks so stick around and be patient.

You didn't specify your desired AS tag, so please do in the following posts.
AA™| rane
Glad to read your "green light" Rane. Tnks
Maybe could be AA™Rocker86. What do u think about that?

LM was a team with only 2 racers, actually have just 1: Me =P . Then, could be cut

Tnks again.
Hello welcome to AirAttack Forums,i think positive too,I hope we will race together (y)
AS™| Kadir
We alredy race togheter =P
But i think u talk about same team lol

Tnks kadir
Hey zeqe! Welcome to the AA forums!

Your stats seem just about fine and based off the good recommendations from the members above I'd say you're in good hands!

Do read the Code of Conduct and the Rules that can be found in this very subforum, as well as remain active and race in AA demo servers to increase your safety rating and lap count!

We will check back in once the processing period is coming to and end and give you a result for your application into Air Support!

Good luck!
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
hey hey hey, good morning =)

Do u have any news?

I use a new gearbox and can do 1.33.85 =)

Let me know if u have a veredict.

BB. See u later
Hey, rocker!
I'm glad you're applying. I think we got along pretty well, had good races.

Green light from me!
Hi guys, i know abot 2 or 3 week, but im from argentina, im playing with with gmt -3 and in "latam" hours its impossible race.

All the time they are banning runners who run well or they are not voting when there is a 1.4X that they are crashing.
Do you think we could do something about it?

Tnks again
Yes, we can give you a limad Smile which is what we're trying to do here. So far, all good about you was said by our members which means you're almost there. Might be a good idea to update your stats and send us data from !pi command.
AA™| rane

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