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pinkorozoblaablaablaa got 12h ban
Hello, i voted quickban for user pinkoblaahblaah (you see full username in attached replay, see 2:44 he parks his car in the middle of raceline under blueflag just for disturbing the running race). 
Earlier I asked him to change his tyres (running front hybrids) but his answer was to log out. He visited the server several times and each time he didn't show any race interest, just typical frustrated-troll behaviour, playing with the car here and there. His safety rate was already remarkably low. I think you may want to lengthen his ban after watching the mpr
Hi Lucaf, tnx for the report. I'd say no further actions needed in this case since pavel bg is a known racer on our servers. He's not among the fast nor clean ones, but he's not a crasher. Short ban and a warning should be enough for him.
AA™| rane

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