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CRS Mercedes crasher
This CRS Mercedes guy (don't have his lfs username unfortunately) should be banned imo.
I have been on AA server where he intentionally crashed, and on another server where he did the same.
It seemed like it was his only interest. Unfortunately I don't have a reply.
H. Baker
Hi Lars, tnx for the report we appreciate your effort. We will keep an eye on that guy but unfortunately, without a replay there is not much we can do. Please, make sure you do save the replay next time.
AA™| rane
Hello, I noticed this name on MRc forum in speedhack report.
You can download replay if you are logged in.
25:30.00 he joins
28:50 he does sc1 better than wr
LFS username imking is now banned for 999 days, for using speed hacks and crashing. I'm sure that he will make another account and when you see him again let us know. Tnx for the report.
AA™| rane

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