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Your LFS Username:Huseyin41
Offender's LFS Username:ymeshulin
Description of the incident:Blocking the other drive and then insulting.
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s):0.55 sec

Someone who needs to be banned.
This is a borderline call - Sainted is allowed, as he said, to move over once to defend the driving line, and then move over again to reorient to the entry to the corner if there is space to do so.

His mistake was in leaving his manoeuvre too late which allowed his opponent to get overlap on him while they were still both on the track, whereupon he should have halted his move right - instead he forced the other car off-track. He then (incorrectly) considered it his right to remain where he was, presumably because their car was off-track. The off-track rule doesn't apply when fair avoidance is taken into account.

You made the right call, but you didn't explain the ruling to him very well, and you shouldn't have interfered. As there was no flag incident, I would have allowed racing to continue. There was no real reason to interfere at that point, other than to caution Sainted with a late-blocking explanation. If an incident with the other driver had occurred, then you can step in to moderate.

We are not the secret police - everything we do must be transparent and backed up by explanations and due process, otherwise no-one can learn from their mistakes. Kicks and bans are for actual trouble-makers. Judgement errors such as this one are a normal part of racing and should be answered first with cautions, and if the behaviour persists, then penalties.

No ban will be issued at this time.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
In the first stage, I just threw it into the spectate,the reason if I kicked him insulted me . If you look at the photo,he intentional hit the other vehicle.
Ahh, ok - I didn't look at the in-car view, but that does make it a clear case of unsporting behaviour.

I will amend my earlier statement - Sainted will receive a 7-day ban for ungentlemanly driving and insults.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
Thank you Vim.

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