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Freshboy unban PLEASE :-[ [Declined]
Freshboy, there is nothing more to say.
You should create another account and behave properly, stop being a child.
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ok Smile
(01-06-2015, 03:28 PM)morro22 link Wrote: Freshboy, there is nothing more to say.
You should create another account and behave properly, stop being a child.
Isn't it in opposition with server rules?

I mean, ban should mean something, not just propel the offender into hide his/hers identity.
The logic "be good, and we'll look away" is kinda silly. He was banned for something stupid he did out of his free will, and should suffer consequences, so it should be permanent solution. For all his alter-egos.

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As far as i have seen, he just improved his pb but all other things are still the same such as dive bombing in the word of overtaking , no sorry for his faults , and the attitude like "oh saying sorry solves everything? then ok , i will crash u an say sorry often" .
In my opinion, i would have considered his unban request if he had changed good and learnt manners and fair driving but he dint grow up (in fair racing).

I would say we should put him banned until he truly feel sorry and want to develop (just incase) and then talk abt unban if it is even considered.

Ban must be offered to as many accounts that are found to be his and when caught in the connection list.
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i think that there are no chances for him to be get unbanned,he didnt show any respect to any ban we gave to him,he has already 25+ accounts,we dont need more
just with this u can see that he disrespects our decisions,these 3 accounts are freshboy's and were banned/created on the same day, just see the time...
[Image: e07d859b74a35a253e6d4ff1345ac5e2.png]
Multi accounting is an offence punishable by permanent ban, Morro. Do not encourage it, the only reason it was suggested was as an obvious way around a ban, it's not like he's made plenty of accounts previously to avoid our bans...

Freshboy: Taken from the input from the other Limads I think it's safe to say your appeal is being declined at this time, you are welcome to make an appeal in future, leave it a long time though. Something which caused this much hassle to our administration is not easily forgivable I hope you can understand. Take it upon yourself to make another account but note if you do get caught, you will have no chance of appeal in future. Accept your punishment and stay off AA servers to come back at a later date and you may be accepted.

I think it's safe for this one to have the [DECLINED] tags assigned and locked - someone?
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