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How do you call this?
Hello, I'm Hotter (my user name, I'm not saying I'm more hot than others  Tongue ) Morro is my driver name.
I want any admin to watch the replay from 5:26 and tell me if Leo crashed because my fault or his fault.

I'll wait for an answer Smile
[Image: morro22-1.jpg]

The crash was Leo's fault. Looking into the replay it was not done on purpose but could have been avoided by  him if he had braked a bit earlier instead of risking inside the turn and touching you.
Yes, I agree with Frozen. Also looking that replay Leo got crashed 2-3 times like that by other xfg drivers. So if we would ban him for this accident we would have to ban the others as well. Leo braked on time to the corner, but miscalculated where you´d be.
Ok mates, thank you  Smile
[Image: morro22-1.jpg]
Also, one simply  sorry from Leo would sort out everything in a sec...
That is very true. Simple apology goes a long way.
Yeah, I totally agree.
An apology can solve anything at LFS, is just a simulator.
[Image: morro22-1.jpg]

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