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If anybody can ban username Ploutos, used speedhack on mrc server, dont have good replay of it because i joined after race started, but if needed i have some crappy one from next race where he uses it only little bit.  Wink
And just a note, guy was doing 207 without draft on finish line and 200 on second sector speed detection zone, and he has 11.97 as pb but guy cant drive at all and was doing 1.20+ times with speedhack  ;D
Well no replay and not even in our servers so hard to do anything.
um i dont get ur point, i said i can provide replay if you dont trust me, and does it matter what server if hes a hacker? better wait for him to come our server and THEN we can ban him IF theres limad online :Smile

but np for me, maybe we catch him some other day, got him permabanned to mrc already so he will probably come to our servers next time  ;D
I agree. Being seen hacking, no matter where they are, should be permaban from the game, full stop. 

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ok,then i met someone too but they are banned on mrc not here  Tongue

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