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My game nick: RedBull

Crasher username: cals98

Few minutes ago i was racing with some clean guys on AA GTI server, then came someone who were waiting us on straight way to crash the first who meet him, i go spect to see him, what he is doing, tried to talk with him with T chat no reply, he crash and say "hahaha" and again and again, we could not race with him so everyone started voting to ban, is it the right decision? should we act otherwise?

Hello and thankyou for posting this!

First of all, do you have the replay;? without this we are powerless to do anything as there is no evidence!

... But yes, voting to ban someone who is ruining good racing is definitely the correct course of action.
If you read the guide to making a crash report, which can be found as a sticky at the top of this board, you can ensure that they won't be allowed back into the server for a longer time than if you just vote-ban them.

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Ok, next time i will send u a replay Smile
NOTE - you need to hit "2" to save replay!  Big Grin

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