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BoootyR Spiiiiiky [Monkys]
Server: [AA] Blackwood Gti
Time: 02.12.2018 16:15 (Moscow)
1. Previously went MRc RJ and began to agitate to move to his server. Rules on the server is not prohibited, but on the MRc server has a rule prohibiting it. "No recruiting for another team". undefined
2. I tried to objectively consider the replay.
(Monkys is not right). First round. turn 2. Monkys is pushing 9398. My replay registrating small lags. 
(Spiky is not right).     First round. Straight. Monkys being ahead had the right to move on the racing line. Spiky being behind kick the Monkys in ass.
(Monkys is not right). First round. Straight. Monkys pushes Rejekt out of the way.
(Dynamoopel is not right). First round. turn 5 after the straight. Dynamoopel at 50 starts late braking, beats Monkeys, apologizes.
(Spiky is not right). First round. turn 8. Spiky catches up with the Monkeys and hits him in the ass.
(disputable situation). Second circle. Before the first corner. Spiky moves in the direction of the Monkys, a little contact.
(Monkys error). second circle. turn 1. Both in the slide. There's a collision. Monkys  early passing to apex, Spiky in slip beats.
(TOTALLY WRONG Monkys). Second circle. turn 2. By the action of the wheel shows that Monkys has beat 9398 and expand it.
Spiky --> kick Monkys
Spiky | Monkys = 2 | 2 + 1 totally bad (kick)

My position. The administrator should first of all not amuse his ego, but maintain order on the server. Observance by all racers of rules on the server. If the driver is not right, he must be interviewed by the administrator. The administrator must make sure that the offender has understood exactly what is breaking the rules, doing it consciously. Kick and ban this is an extreme measure, tightening effect.
First of all: talking, secondly: kick, thirdly: ban (12 hours), fourthly [come up with yourself].

What kind of work does Spike do? Nothing. The replay confirms the complete absence of the server administrator dialogue with the driver.
"can I have one race without idiots ffs"
I see the situation: a man comes and ban it immediately. I'm asking a simple question. On the administrator rudely answers in style "fuck you, I'm not going to answer your stupid questions".
And then in the open form suggests the administrator of the other server to ban me.
"Spiky: [MRc] RJ - how did you not ban this smartass on MRc servers yet?" (he doesn't exactly have the information Big Grin
Spiky, well done. 100%. undefined (I had a very different opinion of you.)

Yes, I am for fair judging. Unfortunately, all my attempts on the MRc server led to a "stroke/insult" (brain Oo). Objectively there's no one refused to consider. This is not surprising, because the conflict was with mrc dudes. White becomes black. When clearly on the pedals, the guy presses on the gas. But administrator "objectively" saw brakes.

Server: [AA] Blackwood Gti
Time: 02.12.2018 20:48 (and forth)
the monkys, monin, parincho!

LFS association (Oh, sounds like ^^) too small. I fight for everyone (Monza was very happy to see me today [no]).

I caught it on the server (tried to try on Sergeant's stripes). I tried with Google to get at least a word out of it. I DID IT: "español", "I don't understand". Fled to [WoF] server. Coming. Applied Spanish. I explained the whole situation to the creators server (Loeman67 aka
RoadDog, Glaskante aka Nook!e). But they tried to ban me. Let this remain on their conscience and a note in this forum.

I did the right thing for this guy.*
* this guy (monin, parincho!) already got ban to 999; the monkys is also banned (a shorter period), but some dudes in the MRc have brains in their heads, so there is hope save and to channel on the path the true. Amen.

ps. I hope the rplay will stick (
ps2. today is yesterday.
ps3. sooory for me engl
So... let me get this straight. Why are you mentioning an “administrator” when there was no one on the server at the time (until i arrived midway through the argument) on the server. I did catch what spiiky was saying to you. But that was sort of his final word. Nothing else came of it after that. I’ll leave it to others to decide what happens in the replay since I’m a smol boi in the team and they can go from there. But from what i could tell. You two had been arguing with each other back and forth proir to me joining.
I have been limad on AA servers for several years since 2010. Both in times when I was wearing AA tag and when I was not. My goal was always the same - prevent crashers and careless drivers from ruining the race for others.

Yesterday we had several races in a row when some new crasher appeared every few minutes, people were voting all the time. None of them was kicked/banned by me on first case. Once all crashers were gone, we had full grid for several races and everybody was having a good fun. No restarts, no kick voting. I don't feel any need to justify my actions.

Unicorn/EL34/BeFly: If I was driven by my ego, as you said, you would be the first one on ban list. I wish you good luck to find something that will give you some purpose in your life, because your actions on server, on this forum, are result of your own problems, not ours. Think twice why you have been banned several times on various hosts already.

Also, if you AA guys wish me to stop my limad actions on your demo servers, just tell me. I will happily continue with it to make the place less toxic for those who come here to race, not to intrigue or crash.
Yeah... so,

Unicorn / EL34: I am not sure what you are getting upset about.

Replay BL1_race_4L_1R_3F.mpr shows nothing - I'm not sure what this has to do with anything.

In the judge.mpr replay:

Firstly, you show no proof of RJ trying to coerce people to move to the MRc servers, except for your comment in the chat. There's no point bringing it up here. If he is ever caught doing it by an admin or it's reported by someone who can present evidence of it, then he will be banned.

As I see it, Spiiiky did the right thing. Hatori was driving carelessly and without regard for other drivers from the very beginning of the race. He appears to reject the rule of zero contact when it suits him and takes the opportunity to dive-bomb whenever he can. Personally speaking, I have experienced Hatori's idea of "fair" competition myself in the past, and had we been on AA servers at the time I would have banned him for a lengthy period. As for this case, it was just a kick - he had the option of coming back and asking for a reason, but I'm sure he knows exactly why.

Quote:On the administrator rudely answers in style "fuck you, I'm not going to answer your stupid questions".

Spiiiky did not say that - I'm not sure why you'd lie when the chat is in the replay for all to see. Furthermore, Spiiiky did answer your question - "...3 purpose crashes ... enough for me". If you're too busy typing to read what people are saying to you, then your argument is going to be completely one-sided and ultimately invalid.

You had already stated that you were going to file a report - obviously, before you had viewed the replay yourself. If you had, you would have seen Hatori's move on 9397 and agreed that it was a deliberate move to take him out - and if not deliberate, then just plain bad driving. But as I said, from personal experience I know Hatori to be a deliberately dirty driver and his behavior is not welcome on our servers.

Your immediate reaction was based on an incorrect assumption that Hatori had done nothing wrong, and your analysis of the situation above also appears to be biased against Spiiiky, even though as you say "TOTALLY WRONG Monkys (Hatori)". So you did see that he was wrong, and yet you are still here to complain?

IMO, you have completely invalidated your complaint several times over. You need to view this incident with more objectivity and less emotion.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
Vim do you have anything to say to what spiiky mentioned about him still having limad or?
Spiiiky retained limad rights on our servers because we trust his judgement. We parted ways on good terms and he continues to be an upstanding and active member of the wider LFS community.

There are a handful of ex-members and long-time friends of the team that have limad status, but don't appear on the official team roster. You might see one or two from time to time, but mostly they are inactive these days. It's good to have a few active players who can be trusted on the books, so to speak...
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
Spiiiky is a trusted member and will still be unless something happens.

I doubt he does anything silly - his lengthy stay with us and through the time being with him we know he's an important asset to the community besides existing limads.

Bluntly put, please report truthfully and with some imtegrity, don't say things happened when they didn't. Nothing is gained for reporting nothing... even more so after spiky took action and explained the actions. Pay attention to conversing with the person you are actually planning to report.
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spiiiky Wrote:My goal was always the same - prevent crashers and careless drivers from ruining the race for others.
But the actions suggest otherwise. Goes man, taints race, a kick. (we will repeat several times). I have not seen your explanatory actions with this driver. If somebody deliberately breaks the rules even after the administrator, it should ban.
spiiiky Wrote:Think twice why you have been banned several times on various hosts already.
As if you were the Lord God and saw everything and know everything. Do not open your mouth so wide if you do not have information from both sides of the conflict. 3 kick or ban for five years a lot or a little... and if we include in the circumstances of hatred and hostility, political bias. Two servers: AA and MRc.
spiiiky Wrote:if you AA guys wish me to stop my limad
I wrote something about your limad? The point of my message is to take away your limad? If that's all you've considered... I pity you. Reread.
Vim Fuego Wrote:Firstly,
finally, I used the word "Previously ". These events did not happen in this replay, but earlier. Check that... if u need know truth.
Vim Fuego Wrote:Spiiiky did not say that
Where did I say he said that? Vim, seriously, like a baby. I wrote that he used THE STYLE of his answer as...
Don't use the word "lie" so easily.
Vim Fuego Wrote:Spiiiky did answer your question
No. Not true. "Accident" is too strong a word. It was not an accident in the full understanding of the meaning. "Who are you, my mom" cool answer. If it were really three accidents, Spiky was not kicking him constantly, ban. And before that, hold an explanatory conversation and make sure that he understood it.
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