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Not a report, just curious
So earlier today i was racing, and someone joined. 
When i checked the pb of the said person that joined i found this,,, LFSW - PB for facuxd123 on BL1 XFG : 1:30.69

I was just wondering what our policies were for this and if anything will happen to this guy
It could be a time that was set on a tweak server, so not necessarily the result of cheating. I would still keep a very close eye on them for any signs such as revs jumping suddenly or out-accelerating other drivers after making mistakes which would normally slow them down.

There's a bug which makes the revs jump around a bit when the car is between 1-0% fuel, which you might see occurring at the end of races. This is a known bug which often gets confused with speedhacks, but the car won't show signs of unrealistic acceleration, it just does the weird laggy-thing.

Basically, people can tweak as much as they like, as long as they don't try it on our servers. It will also prohibit them from ever joining a serious race team - anyone with tweaked records is an instant 'declined' in this team.
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Well yeah ofc, no one is much faster than our mikke Wink but yeah i mean i think they did it on a tweak server. I didn’t get a chance to check the server PB They havw logged to us. So I’ll look at some point. But cheers vim Wink

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