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membership application-Alireza
LFS Account name: Alireza d1
Racing name: Alireza
Desired LFS Account name:Alireza d1

Racing name: AA:Alireza

Desired racing name including the AS tag: [AA]Alireza

To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-server:

Number of laps on AA servers: 14[in new bl2] in old bl2 I had more than 300 lap.

Your safety rating: 84.94[good air]
Your personal best(s):racing name including the AS tag: 1.09.53 xfg
To find your AA Airio stats, use !pi command while in-servrer: cadet...I had good rate this server .But it looks erased
Number of laps on AA servers: 14[in new bl2] in old bl2 I had more than 300 lap.
Your safety rating: good air 84.94
Your personal best(s):1.08.76 in old bl rally. and 1.09.70 in new bl to xfg in hot lap.1.09.70 xrg
 I have g27 racing wheel. and i'm about 19.
Hi Allireza,

Thank you for applying to join Air Support! We look forward to having you here.

For your lap count, I am not sure about your Old BL lapcount, normally we just take your total laps. Not split into different areas. In that case, with your safety rating, you should be fine!

I don't dig mud and shread bumps so I am not able to give any verdict for RallyX (should've posted here! Maybe Vim can move this)

We will await further comments from other team members who potentially have met and raced you and would be better able to describe.

In the meantime, keep racing, and see you on track Smile
AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
Yes that's right
Of course. I would like to be in all three parts
Rally and gti and fbm.
And my time in bl1 to xfg is 1.33.68 in old track. and 1.34.4 in new track.
to xrg 1.34.9
fbm 1.13.5
. ok thank you to answer me.
I had race with [aa] rg. and [aa]old man. at a couple of before years.
Hi Alireza,

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your application.

There'll be a short period of time before a decision is made to allow everyone to say their piece. During this time it would be a good idea to have a thorough read through all of the sticky topics in the various sections of the forum and make sure you have a good understanding of he way Air Support do things.

This is doubly important if you have ever been in any other teams in the past, as we do things a bit differently to other teams.

Good luck to you, and hope to see you on the track sometime soon.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
thank you
it's true
I was not in the other team before.
And I'm interested in being in this team
And is the support team different from the team that is on the servers and the competition?
Thank you and see you.
Air Support is Air Attack's junior team, similar to Torro Rosso's association with the Red Bull team. All new members start out in Air Support at limad 0, and work their way up. Once they have progressed through the ranks of the junior team there is then the option of transferring into the main team.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
ok. Thanks for your explanation

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