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an attempt of overtaking [AzyerGames vs EL 34]
AA Blackwood Gti
time: 22:30 [Moscow]
8th turn
According to the rules F1 racer ahead is obliged to leave the case... If catching up caught up with my front wheels my rear wheels. I started my maneuver exactly on apex, clear. From their position regard of Azyer as "divebombing".
Please judge.
I am posting a replay for your convenience...
Action starts at 6 minute 15 second mark.

Attached Files
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Strange, I attached the replay Oo
Thx man. [email protected], speak out?

What i did was completely fair and legal. You can also notice how he also rams me after he runs wide out of the corner. I was left no room and i feel i was more than close enough to be entitled to a dive bomb.

I have nothing else to say....
Hi Unicorn/EL 34 and Azyer,

Welcome to the forums first off, Unicorn! We hope you have fun in our servers and feel free to send reports when need be in the future; just like this one!

I hope the following is the correct incident, I am at work and unable to download so viewed Mac's video (
For the incident, I see that Azyer continuously divebombed you for two corners straight and made moderate contact on your rear and side. You were lucky to maintain control both times.

In racing, overtaking is essential and drivers have to respect each other to give room. Both of Azyer's pass attempts were "barge passing"- where there is no overlap of either car and the overtaker forces his way alongside the car mid corner. In any case, the barge passer takes full blame for any contact.

Azyer, please remain calm and know when and when not to attempt a pass. You do not have to dive into every corner, there lay better opportunities in the next corner or straight to pass. Do not rush overtakes unless it's life-or-death.

Still, main focus here.
Unicorn (or =EL 34=), the ram at the last corner was not necessary. Please refrain from rage ramming, you can always report the guy after for bad driving here on forum, whether normal driver or a team member. Revenge ramming/crashing others out on purpose can give you a kick or ban easily. You are a good driver, I didn't expect such a maneuver.

For this, EL 34/Unicorn will receive a warning (you've seen it here firsthand). Please drive cleanly and make use of our forum for reports. We will make it definite to check Smile
Azyer, you will also receive a warning on your progress for the unneeded contacts. Please also drive cleanly and know when to overtake. Smile

If there's nothing else, that's my part on the incident. If any other admin wishes to add on further do feel free to.

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I had to do this maneuver, so that people understand what is wrong. I'm sorry about that. Otherwise this situation would slide in shit in a chat.

I have no administrative rights (and those who have, do nothing. Azyer, Presley, *november* Rane), with those who do not want to respond to the chat and behaves badly, have to explain it that way. In the evening, when hell begins, that's all I can do. And instead of having fun and setting things up, I'm wasting my time...

Back to topic.
Maybe the administration will WRITE the RULE, EXACTLY where a specified rule of the "open room"/"front wheel to rear wheel". When the driver has the right to close the gate, and when EXACTLY is wrong. To further not I had to create another branch with a similar discussion. After all, Azyer insists on his rightness, and I do not know whether his opinion has changed.

PS. Me and Xaba (on MRc) had a loooot of porn in the Chicane last year... Ah, those were the days.
It is common knowledge (and I'm fairly certain it's in the LFS Rules of Clean Racing) that the car in front has the right to the racing line and it is up to the overtaking car to pass safely with enough space. Of course, rubbing is racing. I've raced in leagues and on multiple servers over the years and I've encountered many tight battles and some situations that ended a lot worse than that.

In this situation, you took the racing line, as you are entitled to as the car ahead. Azyer underestimated the size of the gap(s) and thus made contact with you. In his position, I would have hesitated to take the gap, stayed on your bumper and drafted you to pass before the following corner where I would then be entitled to the racing line as the car in front. Simple. Smile

We all make mistakes. We're human. Plus the idea of AirSupport is that members get on-track experience and the extended opportunity to learn from more experienced members.
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ok. but I still haven't received an answer to my question. It's important. If we go bumper to bumper (its front bumper is equal to my rear bumper) should I leave a place?

if we go wheel to wheel (F1 rule), I leave a place. 100%
Kinda. If there is significant overlap you have to leave a space, if not there will be contact. If there is no overlap or very little you don't have to wprry.

A general rule of thumb would be
GTi : front bumper to door. (give or takep
FBM : front wheel to rear wheel. (give or take)

If there is anything lesser than this you are able to turn into the corner without fear of contact as any would be on the fault of the overtaking car. Still, it is a good idea to keep eyes peeled and leave precautionary space if you think the passing driver is too aggressive.

Barge passing is when a car fully behind the car infront (either right behind or few car lengths behind) decides to jump and dive on the inside with no prior overlap.
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(11-06-2018, 08:09 PM)Unicorn Wrote: If we go bumper to bumper (its front bumper is equal to my rear bumper) should I leave a place?

No, absolutely not. If there's no overlap at the point in the braking zone where you turn into the corner, you have the right of way all throughout that turn. You may take any line you wish at any speed you wish through the corner. They may not cause their car to touch your car at all. They will need to adjust their path and speed in line with yours and suck it up.

Talent permitting, or due to driver-error,  they may safely achieve overlap part-way through a corner or series of corners, at which point both drivers are required to leave fair space for the other.

Single-seaters only require the front and rear wheels to be aligned to achieve overlap, whereas saloon and sportscars usually require a greater degree - dependent on the class it can vary from hood/wheels/driver/door alignment to the same as single-seat rules - in historics for example.

LFS sits in a happy medium of "significant" overlap - I take that to mean front and rears aligned as the bare minimum in any case.
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