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Hello Administrators
Hi @EQ Worry, @Administrator

My name is Emirhan, Leader of LFSTurkey (LFSTurkey Race License) M'TeCh Racing Team, Can I request
the FULL Version Airio from you? Let me know, I'm at [email protected]

Hello Emirhan!

Unfortunately I don't think eqworry is or has been reachable since a long time ago. He left LFS due to personal reasons if I'm not mistaken.

You can try contacting him, or wait for anotber AirAttack member to attempt to do so. @other AA members do reply if you have any clue.

AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]
Hi Efsane,

EQ hasn't been with the team for several years now, and there isn't a single person left here with any way to contact him directly as far as I know.

Your best bet is to see if anyone who knows someone who knows someone who knows EQ sees this thread and mentions it to him.

Good luck in your search Smile
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]

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