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So, I found out my first ever online race was in October 21, 2014. At AirAttack!
Big Grin 
Lurking around LFSWorld, I went to my race history. After going back month after month, I discovered my very first online race. It was in 2014, when I was 13 years old. Funny thing is, that I raced at AA, the server of my "future" team at that moment. With an amazing time of over 1 minute and thirty seconds, I managed to finish 2 out of 3 Tongue

[Image: jgv-1953353.png]

Seems like I was involved with the good ol' AA far before what I thought. I probably got kicked/banned a few times for sure (I remember getting the boot from Animal Racing for crashing regularly, hehe).
Welp, not much more to say, seemed like a curious find for me Big Grin
Likewise. 6 years ago on January 21st, 2012... My first online race at AA Blackwood GTi at 04:59 Tongue

I was 14 years old. 9 months later I'd go on to join the team and here I am!

[Image: iu7z1Xv.png]
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I was at Animal back then around 2015. Maybe I was the one who laid the kickhammer Tongue
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About 4 years later joined AA Big Grin
Maybe my "first" with AA and maybe with online LFS too Smile

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