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Saying hello
Hi guys, how are you there? im just passing here after some time off from LFS (a lot of years maybe). My life changed a bit after the last time I were here, now i'm working on Cablevision/Fibertel (The most TV & internet company of Argentina), I've been with my girlfriend from 3 years ago and my beard grows significantly Big Grin 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=29]
I buyed a logitech G29 some months ago and now that I got some time i'm joining a bit on LFS again...
That's not all but well, it's a short fragment of what happened in this time Smile
Hope you guys are well and see you soon on track!    Pd: For new ppl here who doesn't know me, I'm an old rallycross noob Big Grin

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AA?| Energy'' [Image: isonline.kenblock30.gif]
Hi Hey. welcome back. se ya on the rallycross at the eve))
Welcome back, fellow Argento :D

Nice to know there's more people from my country here. Hope to see you around in LFS!
PS: I use Cablevision HD, sweet service and way better than DirecTV. Also, your beard looks gorgeous :D
Welcome back the mighty bearded NRG! Big Grin
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Yo bro - good to see you! You look well Smile
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
Hello. I don’t know who you are. Ok bye.
Welcome back Energy!
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