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the angel is crying
Your LFS Username: =EL_34=
Offender's LFS Username: MonzaGSE
Description of the incident: Crash, wrong rules, constant insults
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s): BL1_race_4L_4R_5F, 2th circle

I don't know what's going on with this guy. Must have been the lunar Eclipse. I didn't send the report in a couple of weeks ago. I discussed this with one of the administrators... and here it is again.
I'll save you some time and quote you:
this server sucks, AA drivers can crashm if i crash a get a ban
fuck thsi silly server
=EL_34= - call your friends asshole, i am waiting
=EL_34= - motherfucker
=EL_34= - fuck puttin asshole
=EL_34= - all russians are gay

I'll send all the replays if necessary.

About a year it was banned on the MRс server. It was unbanned  a month ago...
[MRc]ValentinoRossi - no confuse, monza in mrc is banned for all time.
If you didn't send in the report two weeks ago, why did it take so long? If it happens on our servers, we need to know then and there, not weeks later otherwise people will think it's OK to break the rules then they come in one day, potentially banned and then get confused by it...

Anyway I reviewed the replays and I have no idea what I'm looking at to be honest. Monza was rammed by EA Presley but didn't report it and expects something to come from nothing?

I won't be taking any action for him having an opinion. If he wants to call us all the names under the sun then drop his microphone and stumble off Stage Left, be my guest. The only thing I have a problem with is why he didn't bring EA Presley to the table if he was rammed? It's not like the forums are plastered everywhere when you come on to our servers and that reports should come here, not to your friends with no authority whatsoever.

People these days cannot just race and get along. There always has to be drama, arguments, hacking, etc. *facepalm*. I wonder why I do this sometimes...

In the replay "BL1_race_4L_6R_4F.mpr" nobody was being mature. If I was to take action on Monza I'd have to take action on all of you. Really, I don't want to take any action because I'm sure you can all grow up, but at the same time I want to take action because it sounds like a schoolyard...

@Vim, thoughts?
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"If you didn't send in the report two weeks ago, why did it take so long?"
If you do not understand the hint, explain. I thought he'd calm down... Next time I will not do to describe and explain based on your mood. I'll just leave it here.

"...I'd have to take action on all of you..."
Maybe I lost something behind the translation, but take the trouble to explain! People of all insults, all options are present, breaks the rules, uses nationalist behavior... "on all of you" - "this for all" ...or for whom? I don't understand. And why?
I saw them in action. Very hard to decide. It looks like long term problem. Lots of revenge crashing. I would ban both or none Tongue
Ehhh Monza..
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My thoughts aren't repeatable in polite company right now...

How many times has Monza been cautioned/kicked/banned for unacceptable behaviour now? Is this something we want to allow to continue? Is he even learning anything from administrative punishment?

Due to the involvement of one of our admins, I think it would be best to continue this conversation in the AA-only area.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
Agreed. Topic closed for now, action will be taken in private.

Thank you for your report.
Instagram : YouTube
Sevens garage:
1996 Suzuki Bandit N600
2004 BMW E46 330d Touring
1991 Yamaha XV400 Virago Bobber Project

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