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Demon would like to rejoin the team! [resigned]
After leaving the team a while back, i have decided i would like to rejoin a team and start to race in/for a team, would just like the gti team Smile
+1 good guy
+1. Haven't seen you since.... since I stopped racing GTi actively Tongue

Much welcome for Demon.
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°Air Support Manager

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Hi Demon, good to see you again!

We've had a bit of a reshuffle since you left and now have two teams under the AA banner. The newly formed Air Support is a junior team to AA, where the focus is about new blood and developing drivers.

How would you feel about being an Air Support driver?
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
I'd find it great Wink
ok, is a different tag required i'll change if so.
**I've moved this thread to the AS Application thread for tidiness' sake.**

Ok Demon, since you basically passed the application process the first time around, you're now an official member of Air Support.

You'll start with L0 which offers standard protection from auto-kicks and so-on. Progress through the admin rankings is dependent on interaction with and contribution to the team

Post any replays that catch out crashers (not people crashing - these are two very different things) and hackers, make skins, post learning resources that might help other drivers improve - any and all of the above.

Most importantly, have fun, and make sure others are able to do the same.

See you on the track.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
feels like you just labelled me a noob in first post, i agree i am out of practice, but as you prefer my speed is coming back
That's just the way we do it now. Too many people come here wanting privilege without responsibility, so we changed the game.

I might have worded that post a little too much as it would apply to a brand new recruit, so my apologies for that, but at the same time, you weren't here for very long at all the first time around. Granted, you were dealing with some stuff at the time and that can't have been easy, but at the same time you left before anyone could really see what you could do or indeed if you would do anything.

So starting again should only be a minor setback. As I said, progress comes pretty easy.
AA™| Vim Fuego[Image: isonline.shirtkicker.gif]
i do not wish for any limad in return for being a part of the team if it makes you feel any better, i'd be happy limad 0. No difference to me. You also must realise i run a discord with 7,000+ members Smile

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