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Membership Application - Azyer [re-accepted]
LFS Account name: AzyerGames

Racing name: Azyer
Desired racing name including the AS tag: AS™| Azyer
Number of laps on AA servers: 215
Your safety rating: 64.52
Your personal best(s): LFSW - PB on BL1 XFG : 1:35.26, LFSW - PB on BL1 XRG : 1:36.28, 

If you enjoy other classes (eg. Applying for GTi, but also racing RallyX) feel free to list them and their relevant records here too: I would also like to apply for RallyX: LFSW - PB on BL3 XRG : 1:14.46, LFSW - PB on BL3 XFG : 1:14.41.

Any other personal data you want to share, e.g. why you want to join, your name, age, location, occupation, etc.: I Would like to apply for this team because i think it would be a new experience for me getting to know and race with new people, i can also develop my racing and improve, since i am not the best. Smile 
Welcome to the forum Azyer, thank you for the application. Will try to catch you in game so we can talk Smile
Hello! Welcome to AA servers. We are happy to have you racing!

However, slightly higher safety rating is preferred (75%), along with maybe a few more laps in the server count. Just for expereince and general safety. Do not be discouraged however! We will try to see you in game and give you tips or help you. Your safety rating will dramarically improve with more races completed.

You will definitely be considered. As I am not an active GTi driver, and my timezone, cannot say much about past experiences with you, but I will try to see if I can catch you online sometime soon.

Hope to see you racing in server soon!
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#4 - this shows that my rating has been improved, but i'll do some more laps tonight and prove it Smile
Welcome to the forum Azyer - and thanks for the application!

Don't forget, part of being in the team comes from contribution, mostly of time, but every little bit contributes to your progress through the team as well. Keep an eye on your rivals, learn from them, learn what not to do from them, and when you see someone doing the not-to-do part, save a replay and report it. If you don't like the admin angle so much, contribute artistically through skins or website graphics. Videos are good too if you're into it.

Hope to see you on the track someday Wink

Da respectu, dabit pretium, habere fun. I like that 'fun' in Latin is fun.
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Okay Big Grin
Pretty sure we have crossed paths before ? I kinda recognize the name. Goodluck to you on app
I'm not sure, haha, may have been a long time ago Tongue
So guys, is there anytihng else you need from me, i haven't had your decision and i'm worried Tongue
I've not heard from anyone that's raced with you yet or even spoken with you in-game... You had about a week of solid racing (mostly on MRc servers) then the past week has just been one or two races every few days, mostly on MRc again.

I'm undecided, just speculating. Waiting for Nova's input, good luck!
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