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Dennis the Daredevil (Turn 1 crash takes out 4/5 cars)
Your LFS Username: DJdarksilver (Habby)
Offender's LFS Username: zzc007 (Dennis)
Description of the incident:

It was the third or fourth time we restarted the race, almost all the times we did it, it was due to Dennis' risky moves. I only saved the replay of the last one, the one that, in my opionion went too far.

The lights go green and we start racing. When i'm trying to overtake Temélus, far back Dennis crashed with School Bus. 
Instead of slowing down, turning into the grass, or spectate, he just floored his car out of control, ramming both Temélus7 and me. The race ended for almost all of us.

The race restarted, but I left the server. I've had enough at that point. As I said before, we've had to restart the race a few times before because of him.

Replay link:

This one's kinda similar to my last report; not a crasher, but a clear example of risky and careless driving.
[Image: hab-1905135.png]
Watching from his perspective I'd have called that an accident.

You can clearly see School Bus is in a blindspot and when Dennis cuts accross to overtake RipZoid for the corner, he gets PIT maneuvered thus causing the accident. I don't think anyone can Shift+S that quick unless you've got it binded.

For any action to be taken I'd need to see some more replays, it just sounds like another inexperienced driver that needs more help, knowledge and practice. I don't even see anything risky or even careless. The only thing that count be considered careless is not checking the minimap to see there was another marker behind him, but even then that's a small detail to catch at speed.
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I agree with Seven's diagnosis. This is a good example of the difference between a crasher and an inexperienced driver.

4 restarts might be testing peoples patience a bit, but then why was no vote taken up? Usually, just the threat of a kick/ban will force people to change their mindset and driving habits.

Keep in mind too that the Historic server is our entry-level server. Expecting everyone who logs in to be able to drive like Senna is unrealistic.

It's up to us as admins to educate, not retaliate.
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