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Crasher - AyxD
Your LFS Username: AnimalEddyFD
Offender's LFS Username: AyxD
Description of the incident: He got crashed, but instead of shift + s he crashed me too.
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s):
I'm guessing you're talking about the very start of the replay at T1 and at the end of the straight.

I also assume you'd be reporting ™LOTUS-EMIRHAN as he is the one who's brakes locked, causing him to take an alternate line and then be hesitant on the brakes and tried to steer to avoid collision. In that situation no newish racer is going to be thinking "Shift-S Shift-S" and the fact everyone thinks that once you crash you should spectate is wrong in my opinion. What we have here is a typical racing accident from my perspective - I've seen this exact scenario in countless real-world and LFS events.

™LOTUS-EMIRHAN hit you, you hit AyxD and then you decided to sit on the grass and throw a Yellow Flag for other racers coming around the corner - which decreases your own safety rating.

End of straight
You were coming around the corner, probably seeing "YELLOW FLAG" on your screen due to a stationary driver on the track. If I'd have come around the bend, looking through it as you would, to see a car that close to the track, I'd be steering clear of it in case it rolled back like that. You decided to keep on the racing line and I'm not saying you caused the accident, but you didn't help prevent it. AyxD crashed, threw it in reverse to get back on track and to continue the race but didn't check the minimap for any oncoming drivers, (you). He only did the same thing you did on Turn 1.

No action will be taken, however thank you for your report. Just a note, please, please, please be more cautious before calling out on anyone being a crasher. It's easy to get caught up in the race and be irritated that you got hit, it's a natural human thing. However it's shaming racers like that that stop people coming to our servers and prevent everyone getting along. Don't get me wrong, I see where you're coming from, but in this situation it's unnecessary. Smile

Shift-S debate from my perspective
If a driver is pushing hard and doesn't predict a collision will happen in -for example- braking slightly later or being keen on the gas, a collision may occur. This is racing, spectating would not be required in competitive driving. However, if you're flying in to a corner, knowing you won't be able to brake in time, visualizing that you may seriously impact one or more drivers, then spectating would be an option. If you crash hard, like either of you did in this replay and you didn't wish to continue the race, then by all means Spectate and save your safety rating before the InSim declares you a hazard and throws a Yellow Flag warning up.
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Hey, I just made an account and saw this post. I was having a rough day and was at school. I was also rude afterwards and I am terribly sorry for that. I promise though that my intentions weren't bad. By the time I had seen you in my mirror I had already hit the gas. Hope to have a fair race with you some other day.

Just to clarify: AA does not enforce the use of shift-S on any of its servers, instead relying on the skills of the participating drivers to avoid incidents, as it is in real-life racing. Shift-S is purely a courtesy, not a rule.
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