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speed hacker
Hi guyz,
Yesterday on demo server we ran into a hacker which was banned, but came back under same nickname (maybe he switch IP, dunno). He was deliberately crashing all racers before him using speed hack to catch up. Even ha did a decent laptime (WR probably :-D)

Your LFS Username: dekzz
Offender's LFS Username: pwn13
Description of the incident: speedhacking and deliberate crashing
Replay / Screenshot link: link here[url=pwn13 hack.mpr - 313 KB][/url]
Replay timestamp(s): see end of replay and 30 sec rew.

Have a nice races!
It looks like it's the same guy I reported recently.
pwn13 added to the ban list for 999 days.

Thanks for the report Dekzz.
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