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Air Support Motorsport Code of Conduct
Air Support Motorsport by Air Attack Management
Air Support Code of Conduct.

Welcome to the subsidiary team to Air Attack Racing.

Written below are responsibilities and expectations from you, that come with
team membership and moderation rights usage on all Air Attack Racing servers.

All entrants looking to apply for a spot in the team must read and fully understand these
requirements to be considered for a place in the Air Support team.

If you are current member of Air Attack Racing or Air Support, we encourage you to read

this document carefully and adjust your approach in case it is not in accordance with our


General Outlines

Air Attack Racing (AA) and Air Support Motorsport (AS) are primarily demo teams. Most of the action happens at our demo servers, where the race format is usually short sprint races.

Air Support Motorsport (AS) is a subsidary team branched out to serve as a junior proving ground to AA. Drivers are selected based on slightly less  requirements. It primarily serves as a training ground to hone the skills of future talents, those of whom perform well will be ranked up within Air Support, and those who excel within the team will be given the chance to progress to the main team, Air Attack Racing.

All drivers should understand, and may need reminding, that they are on a demo server, the popularity of which depends on everyone taking part, including, and possibly most importantly, the new blood - the absolute beginners.

We need to support such people, because they are the future of Live for Speed and, by association, Air Support and Air Attack. Tolerance will be needed by the few very fast drivers (who can be, more often than not, in the wrong themselves), because that is the price you pay to get onto a busy server.

Every AS member has additional rights of varying levels; ranging from protected status; the ability to kick or ban other people, and like-wise un-ban people if a vote is judged unfair; the ability to apply various penalties; in some cases, the ability to restart or end races.

A delicate balance between restrictions and allowances is necessary. Too many allowances attract crashers. Too many restrictions deter people interested in casual racing.

You will be required to act as mediator and judge in live situations where ownership of the racing-line is in dispute. You will need a good working knowledge of the Rules of Clean Racing, and an eye for seeing where the situation went wrong.
You will also need to know how to draw a conclusion when reviewing post-race reports through the forum section.

When watching the replays, use the playback speed buttons (F2 to slow, F3 to speed up) and multiple views of the incident, including those of the drivers.

Generally you should understand the following: You are given the extended rights to help manage the servers and to enable others to have good and clean races. By giving you these rights, Air Attack trust you to never, ever misuse them.


All members must identify themselves as Air Support members by using the AS™| tag with their driver name at all times, including when driving on non-AA servers.

Team colours in nicknames -

AS™| Nickname
Black for the AS tag which is "AS™|", followed by a space, and then your chosen nickname in red.

Team car skins are mandatory when representing Air Support Motorsport in any LFS racing servers. There is a range of skins to choose from, and more will be made to update the collection over time. You may contribute your own designs to be used as team skins, but these will need to be approved by AA management before they are distributed for general use.

Team skins are not mandatory when driving in Drift or Cruise servers, so feel free to express yourself however you like. You must however still use the AS™| tag with your driver name. Remember too that the normal LFS regulations regarding explicit or offensive content still apply for your own skins.

Team members should preferably race on AA servers to bring other people in and keep the servers alive, but this is not mandatory at all times. Good appearances on other servers do nothing to hurt Air Support, rather, it can boost public opinion of our team and draw more people to our servers in the long term. But members must be aware - the Air Support Code of Conduct is even more important when you're not on an AA server.

Team members and prospective applicants should try to attend announced events if they are able, as that is where they will be able to most easily meet other people.

All members need to be reasonably active drivers. Prolonged inactivity (2 months or longer) could lead to revoking of admin rights. Forum participation is left up to the individual, but, at minimum, weekly visits are recommended in order to keep up with current affairs.


Air Support (AS) members must be friendly to the general public, the casual racers, and most especially towards other team members from both AS and AA.

AS members are required to always stay calm. An AS member should never allow themselves to be drawn into an argument.

Be welcoming and polite. Whenever possible, greet and farewell racers as they join and leave the server.

Never embarrass or humiliate others. Show concern with a sad face if someone crashes. Laugh about it only if they do, but always try to convey a caring attitude.

WTF and similar messages are not acceptable from an AS driver. You should try to make everything you say sound informed and constructive in some way. If in doubt in any event, watch the replay, then react.

Never use the extended rights for your own advantage. Limad commands such as restart should only be used in incidents where the majority of drivers have been involved - in which case, a restart vote will no doubt be undertaken by the drivers themselves.

Never force your will on people in the face of differing opinions. Always go with the majority decision. Be prepared to back down before disputes get out of hand, or worse, cause people to leave the server.

Do not kick or ban people purely based on !tm output. Assess every incident as a separate situation. Give newbies a chance, a warning, and then, only if really necessary, use a very short ban. Reserve long bans for only the most hardcore crashers.

Most importantly, keep in mind the reasons you joined Air Support in the first place: to have fun and to develop your skills within the environment of a friendly team. Don't feel that you need to cut your races short to deal with the demands of others. Remember, you are a driver/player first and foremost. Your enjoyment of LFS is just as important as anyone else's.

Disregard for these obligations and requirements without good reason or
repeated bad behaviour could lead to a revoking of admin rights,
and in extreme cases, loss of membership in Air Support.

Contrastingly, any member whose conduct is recognised as exceptional may
have their status raised, and may receive a rank promotion for higher admin rights within Air Support ranks.

AA™| AOR Nova [Image: isonline.microspecv.gif]
°Air Support Manager

[Image: final-aor-carbon-zps883f4bbe.png?465]

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